Because you spend less time filling your spray tank when using On Target spray systems, you’ll cover more acres per day, saving you time that can be spent on other projects.


    On Target nozzles produce more drops of spray per gallon of water than conventional nozzles, and our electrically charged drops adhere to plants, improving spray efficiency and helping you achieve water savings as high as 80 percent. On Target sprayers allow you to spend more time spraying and less time refilling your spray tank.


    With On Target spray systems you’ll cover more acres per day than with a conventional sprayer. Whether you hire out your spraying or do it yourself, you’ll save on labor when using On Target.


    On Target Electrostatic Sprayers require only a fraction of the horse power a typical air blast or fan sprayer will use. An ON Target dual row vineyard sprayer needs only 32 PTO horse power, while the single row model uses a mere 20. Our largest build, the vertical tower apple sprayer, requires only 42 PTO horse power.

    Consuming 2 to 3 gallons less diesel per hour really adds up.

    Improve Coverage Improve Coverage

    The electrically charged spray droplets from an On Target spray system provide our customers unparalleled coverage. Droplets are attracted to the tops and undersides of plant material, giving our customers wrap around coverage.

    Improve Performance Improve Performance

    The unparalleled coverage and the reduction in waste you get with our spray system combine to improve the performance of your crop inputs when you use On Target technology.

    Minimize Drift Minimize Drift

    When spray droplets adhere to plant material, as they do when applied through an On Target spray system, they won’t drift or volatilize in the environment. In an age when cropping system diversity is expanding, keeping chemistry where it is targeted is more important than ever.

    Eliminate Runoff Eliminate Runoff

    Because spray droplets applied through an On Target sprayer are positively charged, they are attracted to the negatively-charged, or grounded, surface of a plant. Also, in addition to adhering to plant material, the positively charged droplets repel one another, so won’t collect into large droplets that can run off a plant.

    Reduce Liability Reduce Liability

    Pest Control Advisers tell us again and again that On Target spray systems reduce their liability by improving the performance of crop inputs and keeping chemistry where it is targeted.


    The better coverage you get from On Target spray systems reduces waste and improves the performance of your crop inputs, helping you save big on materials.