In A Class of Its Own

Over the past several years, On Target Spray Systems have separated themselves from other electrostatic sprayers, today providing growers on three continents unparalleled protection from plant pests. Let’s look at how.

On Target sprayers create spray droplets of just the right size, weight, concentration, volume and polarity to maximize crop chemical performance.

Spray Graphic

On Target sprayers utilize the perfect balance of air volume and velocity to penetrate and position sprays within crop canopies with its electrostatic technology.

Technologically advanced On Target sprayers deliver highly charged droplets that are attracted to negatively grounded plant surfaces, evenly coating the tops and undersides of plant material with crop protection products and minimizing chances of runoff. We call it Wrap Around Technology™.

Wrap Around Technology™

Other functions, such as design features that facilitate repairs, also tend to distance On Target Spray Systems from its competitors.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your spray system, and considering an electrostatic sprayer, On Target is head and shoulders above the rest.

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