360 Wraparound Technology

Absolute coverage of all surfaces

Fast Application

Spray reaches 3 to 14 feet


Designed to use all disinfectant & antimicrobial brands  

Electrostatic technology working at the microscopic level to kill and block viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we were asked by multiple companies, agencies, and industries to leverage the work we’ve done in the toughest agricultural environments to help keep workers, customers, and students safe in this new era of sanitation. We’ve gladly accepted that challenge.

Our equipment uses an electrostatic charge to make every droplet of sanitation liquid attract to objects and wrap around them –360 degrees.

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Decades of innovating & perfecting

Since 1995, On Target Spray has been engineering electrostatic spray technology for the toughest outdoor environments—finding efficient ways to make food healthy and plentiful with our agricultural clients. Now we’re turning our attention to sanitation and disinfection, bringing the same innovative mindset to indoor and outdoor spaces of all kinds. Our technology works at the microscopic level to deliver a uniform, wraparound layer of disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions so you, your customers, and your employees can get back to life—safely.

We're here to help get people safely back to all aspects of life





Hotels & Restaurants


Distribution Centers


Buses & Subways


Electrostatic roller cart sprayer

While regular sprays or foggers only hit the surface of the object they’re facing, our equipment uses an electrostatic ionization to make every charged droplet of liquid attract to objects and wrap around them—360 degrees. There’s no space between the droplets and they stick to surfaces instead of running off, which means that electrostatic spray leaves a total, consistent sheet of protection from viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Experience: We’ve been solely focused on electrostatic applications for 25 years.

Proven: Our products have been excelling for years in agriculture, one of the harshest and most difficult industries for spray equipment.

Excellence: Our patented electrostatic nozzle is unparalleled in the industry.

Absolute: 3-D wraparound technology, no space in between droplets

Fast: 10x faster than handhelds

Precise: Uniform coverage of all surfaces

Effective: Spray sticks to surfaces, ensuring enough time to effectively kill viruses

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