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The Best Electrostatic Ag Sprayers

Product designers at OnTarget have worked side-by-side with farmers for 25 years to perfect our durable electrostatic agricultural technology. We help you harness the gravity-defying power of electrostatic cling to uniformly coat your plants in half the time, with less water, and less material waste.

Seven reasons farmers are switching to OnTarget:


Save water + Improve coverage

OnTarget nozzles use static electricity and forced air to produce lightweight, concentrated, atomized droplets that deliver more chemistry to your crops than water. Because atomized drops immediately wrap and cling to all surfaces the ‘soak to coat’ model of spraying is eliminated. Giving you drastically better coverage with 80 percent less water.

Save labor + time

Because OnTarget spray systems use 80 percent less water, you can cover more acres per day with a fraction of the tank refills. Whether you hire out your spraying, or are doing it yourself, you’ll save time and labor when using OnTarget.



Save Diesel

OnTarget’s electrostatic sprayers consume 2 to 3 gallons less diesel per hour. Because our sprayers don’t require a heavy fan to atomize droplets, they require a fraction of the horsepower to haul. Most of our models can be moved with 20-32 horsepower, while our largest build (the vertical tower apple sprayer) requires only 42 horsepower. This adds up to significant fuel savings over time.

Eliminate Runoff

Because spray droplets applied through an OnTarget electrostatic sprayer are positively charged, they are attracted to the negatively-charged (grounded) surfaces of a plant. This creates a strong static cling effect to the plant and a static repulsion from other positively charged droplets. This electrostatic effect makes droplets adhere to plants, but prevents them from coalescing into large, heavy droplets that can run off a plant wasting materials, time, and water.



Minimize Drift + Reduce Liability

When spray droplets adhere to plant material, as they do when applied through an OnTarget spray system, they won’t drift or volatilize in the environment. In an age when cropping system diversity is expanding, keeping chemistry where it is targeted is more important than ever. Pest Control Advisers tell us again and again that OnTarget spray systems reduce their liability by improving the performance of crop inputs and keeping chemistry where it is targeted.

Wrap Around Technology™

Technologically advanced OnTarget electrostatic AG sprayers deliver highly charged droplets that are attracted to negatively grounded plant surfaces, evenly coating the tops and undersides of plant material with crop protection products and minimizing chances of runoff. We call it Wrap Around Technology™.

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Other functions, such as design features that facilitate repairs, also tend to set OnTarget Spray Systems apart from its competitors.

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