Bob Starnes

Bob is a cannabis COO with Kind Farms in California, and is CEO of the Shale Peak Horticulture. His professional background is in entomology and plant science at University of California Davis, where he served as a Sr. Superintendent of Agriculture in the department of Entomology and Plant Sciences managing greenhouses and insectaries. He currently… Read Full Testimonial > “Bob Starnes”

Craig Calandra

Table grape grower Craig Calandra isn’t looking so much to separate himself from the pack as for all grape growers to join him at the top. “I’d like to see all of us growers have good grapes,” Calandra said. “That way you don’t have multiple levels of pricing and the public will go through grapes a lot quicker.”… Read Full Testimonial > “Craig Calandra”

Felix Egerer

On Target a ‘Win on All Fronts’ for Tantalus Vineyards In 2016, after surviving a particularly bad year of powdery mildew at Tantalus Vineyards in Kelowna, British Columbia, management sat down and assessed what they could do better. Their solution: Purchase an On Target electrostatic sprayer. Three years later, they feel they made the right… Read Full Testimonial > “Felix Egerer”

Andres Donoso Tagle

My name is Andres Donoso Tagle, Agronomist engineer. I work in a family company called Agricola Pacifico SA. It is located in central-south of Chile, at 200 km from Santiago (the capital). The company owns 180 Hectares of orchard in full production and also gives the service of electrostatic spraying to other growers. When did… Read Full Testimonial > “Andres Donoso Tagle”

Sergio Castelo

Better Size, Color & Consistency in Table Grapes with On Target For years, Sergio Castelo used hand labor to apply growth regulators to his table grapes. “Common sense always told us that hand dipping would be better,” he said. This past year, Castelo, who co-owns Grupo Castelo with his father in the Mexican state of… Read Full Testimonial > “Sergio Castelo”

Gary Omori

Gary Omori, a custom applicator with AG RX in Salinas, California, has seen thirty years of evolution in electrostatic sprayers. His top choice today is On Target. “On Target sprayers are sleeker than the older electrostatic sprayers, the housings protect a lot of the fragile electrical parts, and the efficacy of the actual electrical components… Read Full Testimonial > “Gary Omori”

Mike Downer

Mike Downer of Centerline Ag Services first used an electrostatic sprayer from On Target Spray Systems while managing an Oregon blueberry farm for blueberry industry giant Munger Brothers of Delano, California. Right off the bat, Downer said, he loved that he was able to cut his spray volume in half. “You’re not bouncing that tractor… Read Full Testimonial > “Mike Downer”

Eric Sussman

OnTarget is a Good Fit for Organic Viticulturist! Based on prior observation, Eric Sussman of Radio-Coteau Winery in Sebastopol, California, thought the On Target Spray Systems technology would be a good fit for his organic operation. His assessment, it turns out, was correct. Today, four years after purchasing an On Target sprayer, Sussman is reaping… Read Full Testimonial > “Eric Sussman”

Brenda Wolgamott

On Target Performance Converts Skeptic When starting her position as general manager of what was then the J&L Farms San Lucas Ranch in Southern Monterey County, California, Brenda Wolgamott didn’t think much of the On Target sprayers that were being used. “When I got here, there was a lot of mildew,” she said. “I came… Read Full Testimonial > “Brenda Wolgamott”

Ben Dihman

Farming Environmentally with On Target For Ben Dhiman of B&B Dhiman Blueberry Farm, using less pesticide, less water and less fuel equates to more than just saving money. It helps him farm in an environmentally conscious manner. With an electrostatic sprayer from On Target Spray Systems, the British Columbia grower is able to meet his… Read Full Testimonial > “Ben Dihman”

Bryan Wallingford

On Target ‘The Best That I’ve Seen’ Bryan Wallingford of Mesa Vineyard Management in Templeton, Calif., can’t get enough of the benefits of On Target Spray Systems. “The technology is great,” Wallingford said. “We’re promoting it throughout our company.” Wallingford said he has convinced five wine grape growers to purchase electrostatic sprayers from On Target… Read Full Testimonial > “Bryan Wallingford”

Keith Roberts

On Target: Dependability Plus Keith Roberts, senior vineyard manager for Wente Family Estates in Greenfield, California, has been intrigued with electrostatic sprayers since he first heard of the technology more than two decades ago. Not until 2012, however, did Roberts take the plunge and purchase an electrostatic sprayer from On Target Spray Systems. Why the… Read Full Testimonial > “Keith Roberts”

Tom Merkle

On Target: Environmentally Sound Mildew Control Tom Merkle, director of vineyards for Zirkle Fruit Company in Selah, Washington, discovered the benefits of electrostatic sprayers in the mid-1990s and has been using the advanced technology ever since. “We’re still using some of the same technology that we started out with,” he said. “We keep them clean,… Read Full Testimonial > “Tom Merkle”

Edgar Marcias

For Improved Efficiency, Growers Turn to On Target Reiter Brothers was looking to improve sprayer efficiency in blueberries when the Oxnard, California, farm purchased an On Target electrostatic sprayer in 2012. “We were trying to find ways to become more efficient in our control of spotted wing drosophila,” said Edgar Macias, a junior product manager… Read Full Testimonial > “Edgar Marcias”

Nathan Longcrier

Improving the Bottom Line with On Target Nathan Longcrier, manager of table grapes for Sun Pacific, isn’t keen on providing the competition a leg up. But asked if he’d recommend On Target Spray Systems electrostatic sprayers, he said he also isn’t keen on lying. “I don’t like to give too much help to the competition,… Read Full Testimonial > “Nathan Longcrier”

Mark Lingenfelder

No Complaints Here: On Target Provides Solution With more than a decade of experience with electrostatic sprayers, wine grape grower Mark Lingenfelder is one of the early adopters of the advanced spray technology. He’s also one of its biggest advocates. The executive vice president of vineyards for Chalk Hill Estate in Healdsburg, Calif., uses the… Read Full Testimonial > “Mark Lingenfelder”

Ted Klopp

Less Time Spraying, Improved Performance with On Target Sonoma County wine grape grower Ted Klopp cut his spray time considerably in recent years without sacrificing mildew or botrytis control. His secret didn’t involve changing fungicides or stretching intervals. He changed his sprayer. After swapping out his air-blast sprayer for an electrostatic sprayer from On Target… Read Full Testimonial > “Ted Klopp”

Don Hofer

‘Performance … Beyond My Expectations’ In the midst of a two-year run of heavy mildew pressure, Don Hofer of Kiler Canyon Vineyards grew concerned over the coverage he was receiving from his air-blast sprayer, or, more precisely, the lack thereof. “I decided to look into On Target Spray Systems,” he said, “and after learning that… Read Full Testimonial > “Don Hofer”

T.J. Hafner

On Target: ‘Just More Efficient, All the Way Around’ Agronomists at Oregon’s largest organic blueberry farm, Agricare, like the savings in labor and fuel they get from On Target electrostatic sprayers. They like that with an On Target sprayer they can treat three times as many acres in any one day than with a conventional… Read Full Testimonial > “T.J. Hafner”

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