About OnTarget

Our Mission

OnTarget is the new technology used by growers around the world by increasing your crops’ yield, saving water, time, field, materials, and labor. On Target is the future of precision agriculture technology, saving farmers & the planet since 1995.

Helping you grow

We work with farmers and provide the best service and quality products to the field.

  • Solution-based: We help farmers globally. Our sprayer systems provide solutions for increasing your crops’ yield, saving water, time, field, materials, and labor. We incorporate updates that are inspired and suggested by our growers. 
  • Green-thinking: OnTarget nozzles produce more drops of spray per gallon of water than conventional nozzles. We can help farmers save up to 80% of their typical water usage. Our spraying systems require only a fraction of the horse power typical air blast or fan sprayers use, and our speedy coverage requires less time in the field. By doing these things, we’re reducing emissions into the atmosphere. 2 to 3 gallons less diesel per hour adds up!
  • Innovation: Our wrap-around electrostatic technology covers plants completely, which can increase your yield due to droplets latching onto the undersides of plant material.
  • Growth: We aim to exceed the needs of America’s farmers. Through 25 years of refined, American engineering, our tech will continue to change and improve your needs. Let us help you grow by staying OnTarget

Our story

The superior performance of OnTarget Spray Systems has distanced us from other electrostatic sprayers. OnTarget technicians service what they sell, and its sales staff works to ensure you get the sprayer that best fits your individual needs based on your crop, canopy, acreage and budget. If you need a customized sprayer, OnTarget is there to help.

When you receive your sprayer, OnTarget’s bilingual technicians provide three training sessions free of charge that will help you get the most out of this technology. You and your workers will receive in depth training that covers installation, start up procedures, calibration, mixing and filling, shut-down procedures, rinsing and cleaning, and how to maintain and properly use your machine.

When it comes to electrostatic technology, OnTarget Spray Systems is in a class of its own, and we believe the same can be said about its customer service.