The superior performance of On Target Spray Systems has distanced the company from other electrostatic sprayers in recent years. And the superiority doesn’t stop once a patron purchases this advanced technology. On Target technicians service what they sell, and its sales staff works to ensure you get the sprayer that best fits your individual needs based on your crop, canopy, acreage and budget. If you need a customized sprayer, On Target is there to help.

When you receive your sprayer, On Target’s bilingual technicians provide three training sessions free of charge that will help you get the most out of this technology. You and your workers will receive in depth training that covers installation, start up procedures, calibration, mixing and filling, shut-down procedures, rinsing and cleaning, and how to maintain and properly use your machine.

When it comes to electrostatic technology, On Target Spray Systems is in a class of its own. The company believes the same can be said about its customer service.

Use Our On Target Spray Calibration Calculator

Provides an easy way to calibrate the spray volume of your On Target sprayer.


Annual Sprayer Service

An annual off-season service for your sprayers by an On Target factory trained technician ensures your sprayers are properly winterized and ready for reliable operation and performance next season.

An Annual Sprayer Service includes:

  • Disassemble and inspect electrostatic spray manifolds
  • Test and verify power supplies and electrical system
  • Inspect wire harnesses and wires for wear
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Change blower oil
  • Replace air filter

  • Tension or replace belts
  • Clean or replace liquid filters
  • Grease driveline
  • Grease boom zerks
  • Test controllers
  • Replace worn or broken parts

  • Inspect for potential failures
  • Run sprayer at factory specs
  • Winterize sprayer for the off-season
    • Drain pump and plumbing
    • Coat inside of blower with lubricant
    • Cover air filter and controller

All parts replaced during an Annual Sprayer Service will be discounted 10% at time of service. Total cost will be a reflection of labor, drive time and replaced parts (parts and labor discounted 10%). Sprayer must be hooked up and ready to run/test at time of annual service.