Sprayers for Apples

Apple Orchard Sprayers

OnTarget’s patented Wraparound Technology™ pairs perfectly with the V-trellis designs that growers have incorporated in recent years, and is an excellent fit in central leader and other production systems. OnTarget designers worked with apple industry leaders to design an optimized V-trellis system that is flexible and reliable, with external spray manifolds made of heavy duty polymer tubes to protect the internal electrostatic manifold from sun, chemicals, water and physical abuse. OnTarget sprayers allow farmers to target spraying to any of three distinct zones, enabling you to protect the tops of trees from sun damage, get the most from your plant growth regulators, and optimize spray performance against plant diseases and insects.

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1 %
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Growers Who Use OnTarget

For spraying pest control products in apples, European plums, Japanese plums, cherries, chestnuts, and pears, with a conventional machine we use 1800 to 2400 liters of water for hectare. With On Target Orchard machine we use 250 to 350 liters for hectare.

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