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OnTarget technologies provide the solution to completely feed and protect your cannabis leaves. Our electrostatic manifolds have endured the rigors of agriculture for more than a decade and have proven most reliable. Putting the spray on the plant and keeping it there makes this the most efficient and environmental sprayer on the market. Experience the benefits of Wrap Around Coverage today

OnTarget’s low volume electrostatic system is the natural choice for cannabis and hemp growers who are concerned about residue and dry times. Foliar feeding can be done in half the time, with a fraction of the water. We have a great selection of greenhouse sprayers and outdoor cannabis sprayers that you can pull with an ATV or attach to a tractor. The static cling created by our spray nozzles eliminates the need to soak plants. Indoor and outdoor growers who switch to OnTarget report higher quality, cleaner buds.

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Why OnTarget is great for Cannabis & Hemp

Reviews from our Growers

They’ve done tests with the sprayers and especially with the biologicals, you get far better leaf coverage, so it’s spreading out those biologicals far better than other sprayers out there, and it’s not damaging them in the process....

“It’s a game changer,” said Bob, remarking that the electrostatic companies of the 80s and 90s didn’t work the way he needed. “But when they did work, it was great coverage and very exciting.”

I do have an indoor [operation]. I used to use the backpack sprayer indoors, I don’t anymore.

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OnTarget Cannabis Sprayers


Some of the biggest challenges in cannabis can be alleviated with the help of OnTarget Spray Systems’ cannabis sprayers. Indoor and outdoor cannabis growers, as well as nurseries and vertical integrated business models, choose OnTarget technologies for their electrostatic sprayers and IPM solutions.


One of the most popular cannabis plant sprayers from OnTarget is The Cube, the smallest electrostatic sprayer for cannabis production. With a lithium ion battery, and an easy-to-use spray wand, The Cube can be used as a foliar plant sprayer. Ideal for microbe applications and foliar feeding, OnTarget’s patented technology charges every drop of water, while precisely depositing it on the target. This gives plant material 360 degree coverage in minutes. The Cube offers 72 minutes of spray time, and growers can select from all-terrain wheels, or non-marking, easy-glide wheels.


One cannabis grower, Chris White of Alpha Flora in Eugene, Oregon who uses OnTarget’s The Cube in his grow room said, “I used to use three gallons per grow room to spray. Now, I’m down to one gallon per three rooms. That’s a huge difference! It’s much faster too. Instead of taking me 45 minutes to spray a room, I’m now getting things done in about 20 minutes. That’s cutting my spray time in half!”


While indoor greenhouses, and grow rooms benefit the most from OnTarget’s Cube as a cannabis foliar sprayer, an alternative for bigger outdoor farms is OnTarget’s PTO-driven electrostatic sprayer. Because it requires such low horsepower, OnTarget’s PTO sprayer uses less diesel, saving farmers thousands of dollars every season.


Both OnTarget’s Cube and the PTO OnTarget electrostatic sprayer are a great alternative to heavy backpack sprayers. Conventional backpack sprayers can weigh 80 pounds each, and use over 200 gallons of water to spray two acres. By switching to OnTarget, one person can now spray two acres with 50 gallons, and in half the time.