Cannabis & Hemp Sprayers

Sprayers for Cannabis

OnTarget’s low volume electrostatic system is the natural choice for cannabis and hemp growers who are concerned about residue and dry times. Foliar feeding can be done in half the time, with a fraction of the water. We have a great selection of greenhouse sprayers and outdoor cannabis sprayers that you can pull with an ATV or attach to a tractor. The static cling created by our spray nozzles eliminates the need to soak plants. Indoor and outdoor growers who switch to On Target report higher quality, cleaner buds.

1 %
less water
1 %
less horsepower

On Target’s electrostatic spray manifolds were designed to be reliable and flexible. Position the spray tube to the ideal height, angle or location of your crop. The heavy duty polymer tube protects the internal manifold from sun, chemicals, water and physical abuse. 

Our electrostatic manifolds have endured the rigors of Agriculture for more than a decade and proven most reliable.  Putting the spray on the plant and keeping it there makes this the most efficient and environmental sprayer on the market.

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