Cherry Orchard Sprayers

Sprayers for Cherry Trees

In 2020 Washington State University researcher Matthew Whiting published a report that compared the effect of gibberellic application with an airblast sprayer vs. OnTarget Wraparound Technology™ on sweet cherry fruit quality. The key results showed that the rows treated with OnTarget sprayers had consistently better size and color. Sunburn protection products can be successfully applied from the top down, and pollen can be applied with a refined liquid suspension pollen mix.

These sprayers are designed to use 50% to 80% less water, so you spend more time spraying and less time filling the tank. OnTarget sprayers require 50% less horsepower than conventional air blast sprayers, which adds up to substantial fuel savings.

OnTarget’s electrostatic spray manifolds were designed to be reliable and flexible. Position the spray tube to the ideal height, angle or location of your crop. The heavy duty polymer tube protects the internal manifold from sun, chemicals, water and physical abuse. 

Our electrostatic manifolds have endured the rigors of agriculture for more than a decade and proven most reliable. Putting the spray on the plant and keeping it there makes this the most  efficient and environmental sprayer on the market.

1 %
less water
1 %
less horsepower

Cherry Orchard Farmers Reviews

For spraying pest control products in European plums, Japanese plums, cherries, chess nuts, apples and pears, with a conventional machine we use 1800 to 2400 liters of water for hectare. With OnTarget Orchard machine we use 250 to 350 liters for hectare.

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