Sprayers for Citrus Orchards

Designed by farmers, and powered by electrostatics, OnTarget Spray Systems reveals the fastest, most efficient spraying tool for orchard production. These sprayers are designed to use 80% less water, so you spend more time spraying and less time filling the tank. OnTarget sprayers require 50% less horsepower than air blast sprayers, adding substantial diesel savings.

Calling California Citrus Growers:

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Citrus Reviews

We spray for thrip, worms, scale, fertilizer. Red scale used to be our worst enemy, but now it's more under control. We can go after all of that with OnTarget.

We're able to spray with OnTarget at a 30-40 gallon rate of water, per acre, compared to when we spray 100-200 gallons with the standard spray machine.

More chemical hits the target when it is applied electrostatically, whereas with a conventional sprayer, more product is going off into the atmosphere.

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OnTarget Electrostatic Citrus Sprayers


OnTarget’s patented Wraparound Technology™ sprayer system is flexible and reliable, with external spray manifolds made of heavy duty polymer tubes to protect the internal electrostatic manifold from sun, chemicals, water and physical abuse. Our sprayers allow farmers to target spraying to any of three distinct zones, enabling you to protect the tops of trees from sun damage, get the most from your chemistry, and optimize spray performance against plant diseases and insects.


For example, if a farmer wants to spray only the treetop, they simply turn off the lower spray tubes. However, in many cases, spraying from the top down produces positive results while minimizing drift. Sunburn protection products should be applied from the top down, while pollen can be applied with a refined liquid suspension pollen mix from all levels.

Citrus Growers Value OnTarget’s Technology

“Typical airblast sprayers require 100 to 500 gallons of water per acre while OnTarget uses only 50 gallons,” shared Terry Peltzer, a fourth-generation farmer growing citrus in Ivanhoe, California.