The First Battery-powered Sprayer
Launching 2024

OnTarget Spray Systems

OnTarget's Battery-powered Sprayer & Partnership with Agtonomy:

Efficient Electrostatic Technology: OnTarget's electric sprayer is renowned for its application technology, and efficiency in utilizing power and resources. It's a leader in electrostatic applications, making it ideal for specialty crops and using 80 percent less water, and 50 percent less water, labor, and power.

Strategic Collaboration with Agtonomy: OnTarget has partnered with Agtonomy to develop an all-electric, battery-powered smart sprayer. This partnership combines OnTarget's expertise in electrostatic spray technology Agtonomy's autonomous software, aiming to enhance efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

2024 Launch and Pilot Program: The all-electric, battery-powered electrostatic smart sprayer prototype will make it's debut in Agtonomy's 2024 pilot program, showcasing its potential across the west coast. This innovation represents a significant step forward in modernizing agriculture.

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FIRA: The three-day event will bring together the AgTech automation community for a showcase of the latest robotic farming solutions, exhibitions, presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities. FIRA USA aims to bring together startups and growers, providing them with great content, demos, and conversations that will benefit the AgTech automation community.

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