Pollen Applicator Sprayers

Electrostatic Sprayers for Pollen

These sprayers are designed to use 50% to 80% less water, so you spend more time spraying and less time filling the tank. OnTarget sprayers require 50% less horsepower than conventional air blast sprayers, which adds up to substantial fuel savings. OnTarget’s electrostatic spray manifolds were designed to be reliable and flexible. Position the spray tube to the ideal height, angle or location of your crop. The heavy duty polymer tube protects the internal manifold from sun, chemicals, water and physical abuse. 

Since 2013, OnTarget has partnered with Washington State University researcher and pollen expert, Dr. Matt Whiting, to perfect a new method of pollen application. Dr. Whiting has developed a refined liquid suspension pollen mix that ensures maximum pollen viability for up to 2 hours. OnTarget’s electrostatic technology has proven to be the ideal delivery method for this mix. 

The old method of mechanical pollen application is to deliver dry, unrefined pollen by blowing it into the crop and hoping the pollen arrives on the flower stigma. Historically, dry application has achieved variable degrees of efficacy. 

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less water
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less horsepower

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OnTarget’s electrostatic nozzle technology creates atomized, charged spray droplets that encapsulate the pollen grains suspended in Dr. Whiting’s mix, and the air velocity created by our sprayers is slow enough to allow the droplets to hover within the tree’s canopy. 

The electrostatic charge causes the pollen-filled droplets to repel each other and avoid conglomeration, while at the same time the neutral charge on the the flower stigmas statically attract the droplets, which cling until the charge dissipates and water evaporates; leaving behind an even coat of pollen.

Our electrostatic manifolds have endured the rigors of agriculture for more than a decade and proven most reliable.  Putting the spray on the plant and keeping it there makes this the most efficient and environmental sprayer on the market.