UTV Vineyard Sprayer

OnTarget's Electrostatic UTV Sprayers for Vineyards

Introducing the industry’s first miniaturized, full-season electrostatic sprayer for vineyards. This UTV sprayer is compact, lightweight, easy to use and doesn’t require a tractor. Versatile for all terrains and conditions, this modular sprayer can be customized for all UTVs.

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Reviews from the Vineyards

The last five years now, we’ve had an excellent, solid program and no mildew issues,” she said. “And we’re getting huge savings in fuel, water and labor.

That was our worst spot for mildew, and when we switched over to the electrostatic sprayer, we didn’t have mildew anymore,” he said. “We bought the other two sprayers just because we liked the performance, and we were able to cover so much more ground.

Efficient, Durable, and Customizable:

On Target’s electrostatic spray manifolds were designed to be reliable and flexible. Position the spray tube to the ideal height, angle or location of your crop. The heavy duty polymer tube protects the internal manifold from sun, chemicals, water and physical abuse. 

Our electrostatic manifolds have endured the rigors of agriculture for more than a decade and proven most reliable.  Putting the spray on the plant and keeping it there makes this the most efficient and environmental sprayer on the market. 

Spray more acres per day with the best possible coverage for the least cost per acre.

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