Electrostatic Sprayers Save Cannabis Growers Water and Time

OnTarget Launches Indoor Cannabis Sprayer

OnTarget Spray Systems is an electrostatic spray company with over 27 years in the specialty crop market. Using electrostatics, it helps cannabis growers use 80 percent less water, and spray in half the time. Historically, OnTarget receives rave testimonials from growers in strawberries, blueberries, wine grapes, and table grapes, and now OnTarget is in cannabis greenhouses, hoop-houses, and vertical grows with The Cube.

“The Cube drastically eliminates runoff, minimizes drift, reduces liability, and saves on materials,” explained OnTarget’s Founder & President Willie Hartman. “In a time of drought, labor shortages, and expensive materials, OnTarget’s mission is to save farmers while saving the planet.”

The Cube: Compact Cannabis Sprayer for Small Operations

With intensive operations in mind, Hartman and his team of engineers developed a 14”, 20”, and 24”-wide unit that runs on a cordless, 1000-watt, lithium-ion battery. Paired with the option of easy-glide or all-terrain tires, The Cube allows for ultimate maneuverability, in greenhouses and outdoor narrow furrows. 

Bob Starnes, a greenhouse cannabis grower in California, was relieved to cut his water usage in half. He chose The 14” wide Cube, which offers one hour of spray time using just two gallons.

“Just for an example, if we wanted to spray our 10,000-foot greenhouse, with a dram high-pressure mist sprayer, it would take 40-50 gallons to spray the whole thing,” Starnes explained. “And a lot of that runs off the leaf, and drips on the ground, and it’s wasted. But with OnTarget, we use only 6-10 gallons to spray.”


How OnTarget’s Electrostatic Technology Works


OnTarget’s technology is straightforward: Water droplets receive a positive charge before exiting the misting wand and landing on the grounded plant. The cannabis grower can easily point the wand in the general direction of the crop, automatically giving plants a 360-degree coating, and perfectly-distributing nutrients and protection. 

The Cube is one of many options available for cannabis growers, as OnTarget boasts a diverse portfolio of spray rigs for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Because OnTarget rigs require low horsepower, most can be pulled by an ATV or small tractor.

“OnTarget’s decades of research and development have always been done alongside our growers,” explained President Hartman. “We are beta testing new rigs that will be released later in 2022, and the results will continue to revolutionize cannabis farms’ methods of spraying.”

Interested in learning more about the custom OnTarget electrostatic sprayers? With a helpful calculator, exciting industry newsletter, and speciality crop demonstrations, visit us at ontargetspray.com.